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Alabama was home to an estimated 4,822,023 residents in 2012, according to the U.S. Census. That means a vibrant workforce that is served by the state’s many colleges and universities. With millions employed in the state, in fields as varied as business, finance, trade, and education, Alabama is home to a vibrant and varied workforce. At online schools in Alabama, you can do your best to prepare to meet the demands of potential employers.

Alabama is home to 61 colleges and universities—that means plenty of choices for higher educations. Online colleges in Alabama add their own flavor to the mix of options available to students. If you’re thinking about higher education, think about the freedom, flexibility and access you’ll find in online education. Online schools can give you an edge over traditional programs, whether you’re in it for a few semesters or multiple years.

Five Fantastic Reasons to Attend Online Colleges in Alabama

Alabama is defined by the people who call it home. The Census Bureau reports Alabama was home to 1.8 million households reporting between 2007 and 2011. With degree, certificate, and training programs, Alabama online schools help to serve those households. Connection and access to professional coursework are among the biggest reasons to consider education online in Alabama.

  1. Connection 24/7 to Classes Online

    One asset of online education is the connection it offers. Traditional programs feature office hours and class meetings, but online training takes it a step further, meaning you can find a connection to your coursework anytime. With access to course notes, homework, lectures and feedback, Alabama online colleges offer access in one convenient location—any computer with an internet connection. Students build on their knowledge in online forums, logging in anywhere to complete work. Even in the middle of the night, you can get work done.Instructors online tend to provide office hours, either via phone or video chat, or students can make contact via email.

  2. Add Freedom to Online Training

    Online education offers freedom and flexibility that is appreciated by full-time parents, full-time employees, long-time commuters, and anyone who has a busy life. You’re free to go at your own pace, logging on during when the kids are asleep, or during your lunch break at work; whenever you have free time. Any course is going to mean plenty of study hours, but at online schools in Alabama, anytime is class time.

  3. Connect in Your Community

    Alabama small towns are the heart of the South, and now getting a degree doesn’t mean you need to move away. Transform your commute to your living room and train anywhere with a web-connected computer at online colleges in Alabama. Many programs offer mobile access for smartphones and tablets, making it even easier to get online and access coursework. Transform your living room or a rural library into a fully stocked university.

  4. Collaborate on Multiple Levels

    Everyone in every class is coming to school from different backgrounds, living different lives and coming to school with different learning abilities and preferences. If you’re a visual learner, you might prefer video lectures and images. If auditory learning is more your style, you may do best listening to lectures and checking in with your professors over the phone to ask questions. Lastly, collaborative learners like to communicate and work with other students. At Alabama online colleges, students enjoy varied learning modes, and all prospective students should research different schools.

  5. Professional Support from Faculty and Staff

    Calling on teachers via phone and email is just the beginning of the opportunities for support at Alabama online schools. Schools typically offer technical support geared towards any level of expertise;even if you’re new to the Web. Plus, schools typically employ an academic guidance department helping you select your courses and search your financial aid options. Some schools have dedicated support for veterans and active military, benefiting the 403,982 U.S. Veterans living in Alabama, according to Census Bureau reports in 2011.

Alabama Online Schools Working for Students

The Census Bureau reports that 81.9percent of Alabama residents over the age of 25 had a high school diploma in 2011, while only 22percent had a bachelor’s degree or higher. Those figures fall lower than national averages, and also suggest a large, nationwide gap in education. Online schools in Alabama help to close the gap by offering professional training to students in the varied fields they need for the job search.

No matter your educational goal, you should have options. Whether you’re searching for access in a rural community or you’re looking for a smart way to earn professional credits, online colleges in Alabama offer an alternative to the traditional educational system. Students enroll in online programs on a rolling schedule, which doesn’t conform to the standard fall or spring semester structure.

Meeting Demand at Alabama Online Colleges

Population in Alabama is growing, and the need for education is growing with it. The Census Bureau reports that the population in Alabama has grown 0.9 percent between 2010 and 2012. The state job market has fluctuated in recent months, with growth in manufacturing, financial activities, and business services between January and February 2013. Training programs at Alabama online schools are working to meet a growing population and a rising job industry with professional degree and training programs.

Evolution in technology, internet access, and online education strategies mean that Alabama online colleges only continue to improve with time. As the population in Alabama continues to grow and employers expect professional training among their applicants, earning an education at a college or university means improving your chances of career success. Research financial aid options and training opportunities at schools across Alabama and learn more about individual schools on this page.

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U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Alabama at a Glance
U.S. Census Bureau: Alabama Quick Facts

Top Online Colleges in Alabama

School Name Program Types Enrollment
Alabama State University Campus, Online 5,425
Amridge University Campus, Online 775
Athens State University Campus, Online 3,389
Auburn University Campus, Online 25,469
Columbia Southern University Campus, Online 17,459
Faulkner University Campus, Online 3,574
Fortis College-Mobile Campus, Online, Hybrid 376
Gadsden State Community College Campus, Online 6,731
George C Wallace State Community College-Hanceville Campus, Online 5,740
George C Wallace State Community College-Selma Campus, Online 2,065
Heritage Christian University Campus, Online 86
Herzing University-Birmingham Campus, Online 330
J F Ingram State Technical College Campus, Online 496
Jacksonville State University Campus, Online 9,490
Jefferson State Community College Campus, Online 9,460
John C Calhoun State Community College Campus, Online 12,081
Judson College Campus, Online 353
Northwest-Shoals Community College Campus, Online 3,939
Samford University Campus, Online 4,758
Snead State Community College Campus, Online 2,417
Spring Hill College Campus, Online 1,439
The University of Alabama Campus, Online 31,647
Troy University Campus, Online 26,172
United States Sports Academy Campus, Online 571
University Academy of Hair Design Campus, Online
University of Alabama at Birmingham Campus, Online 17,575
University of Alabama in Huntsville Campus, Online 7,629
University of Montevallo Campus, Online 3,066
University of North Alabama Campus, Online 7,233
University of Phoenix-Birmingham Campus Campus, Online, Hybrid 537
University of South Alabama Campus, Online 14,769
University of West Alabama Campus, Online 5,258
Virginia College-Birmingham Campus, Online 5,111